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Let Us Optimize Your 401(k)/Retirement plans!

We encounter many small-business 401(k) plans that are underserviced, over-fee’d and not up to modern fiduciary advice standards. Our 401(k) plan advisory services help plan sponsors, AKA business owners, trustees in improving their 401(k) plans from many vantage points. Lionshead 401(k) plan service offering includes

-         Plan fee audit (and likely lower your plan administrative fees
-         Improved investment option menus,
-         Personalized advice for both employees and management,
-         Streamlined plan operations – we glue all the ‘parts’ together (third-party administrators, record keepers, investment managers)
-         Single point of accountability.

The result is a 401(k) plan that you and your employees will actually like!

We work with all third-party administrators, record-keepers, and mutual fund, insurance company and payroll providers. These including 401(k) plans administered by ADP retirement services, Paychex retirement services, Ascensus/Vanguard, American Funds, John Hancock, Nationwide, Principal, Schwab and more!

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